Who We Are

HappyFunTime Industries is a full-service production house. Concept to finished product… HFT does it all.


HFT expertly handles all of the logistics of a successful production. Doing the hard work in pre-production makes the rest of the process much more successful. HFT’s experience with every size budget has made them agile and efficient.

HappyFunTime is based in Los Angeles, CA; giving them access to all of the perks of Hollywood production:

  • Locations – Studios, Beaches, Snow, Lakes, Mountains, etc.
  • Professional Talent – Actors (SAG, AFTRA and Non-Union), Musicians, Comedians, etc.
  • Professional Crew – Directors, DP’s, Designers, Editors, etc.
  • Technology – Production Equipment, Rental Houses, Prop Houses, Editing Houses, etc.


HappyFunTime has piloted projects of various sizes, for a wide variety of clients and with many different end-users in mind, including:

  • Feature films
  • Music videos
  • Educational content
  • Promotional videos
  • Broadcast commercials
  • Broadcast entertainment
  • Viral web content

Post Production

HappyFunTime Industries understands that projects are made or broken in the editing room. HFT’s editors are true industry professionals. Storytelling is at the forefront of our editing process but, rest assured, HFT provides stellar cutting edge graphics and sound design.

Once a project is completed, HFT will also provide expert services in:

  • DVD authoring (HD or SD)
  • Closed captioning (if desired)
  • Exported footage into pristine HD web content.

*Check back for further updates… and be sure to see our portfolio page to view a sample of these videos.