What We Do

HappyFunTime is known for taking complex, heady content and turning it into something hilarious, insightful, emotional and memorable. Concept is everything. And nobody knows that more than the long list of happy HFT clients. Take a quick peek at how HFT has solved issues for past clients*:

Client: Learning ZoneXpress
Challenge: Take current research on the value of Transferrable Job Skills and create an entertaining video for high school students.
Solution: HFT wrote and produced “Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job” … A spot-on, hilarious spoof of the hit TV series “The Office.”

Client: Lifest
Challenge: Create a regional ad campaign for the annual christian music festival that attracts 20,000 people amidst a trend of declining numbers for Lifest and other festivals across the U.S.
Solution: HFT created the festival’s tagline, “This is your festival!” and branded Lifest as a regional destination, as well as an important part of the community. HFT implemented a cross-platform marketing campaign; including TV and radio spots, print ads, billboards and website content. Lifest experienced growth while nationally, festivals averaged a 40% drop in attendance.

Client: Life! Promotions
Challenge: Find a way to generate ongoing contributors to this nonprofit organization dedicated to the mental, physical and spiritual health of American youth.
Solution: Creation of the <18> campaign. Armed with research supporting the idea that the lives of healthy adults can be traced back to healthy adolescence, HFT created a cross-platform attack for Life! Promotions. HappyFunTime created the logo <18>, signifying the importance of changing a life under (<) 18 years of age, in order to set a path for life over (>) 18. The key components of the campaign were the two video pieces, both telling the real-life stories of teenagers that had been powerfully affected by the work of Life! Promotions.

*Check back for further updates… and be sure to see our portfolio page to view a sample of these videos.