11 Apr 2011

My HappyFunTime Time By: The Intern

Hey, HFT Friends… We here at HappyFunTime Industries have had a fantastic semester with our intern Emily. She’s heading back to Arkansas, of all places… and we’re definitely going to miss her. She’s done a bang up job on our website and we thought it would be cool if she was our “Celebrity Blogger” for a post. Check out her ridiculously kind words… keeping in mind she hasn’t yet received her final grade for the semester… Enjoy.

Hey guys, this is Emily the Intern! I have been interning at HappyFunTime Industries for the past 4 months.
First of all HappyFunTime is an amazing place to work, and they are getting into some awesome things. The best aspect of HappyFunTime is that they do it all. They write, produce, direct, film, and edit, and this has made it a great place to learn about all parts of the industry.
Another thing I love about HappyFunTime is how.. Happy and Fun it is. No matter what we are working on we have fun doing it. The content they create reflects this, as well as the connections they have that keep coming back wanting to work with them again and again.
One exciting thing I’ve gotten to help a lot with this semester is getting the new website up and running, and it is now complete, so check it out! Also among other things, one of the coolest lunch breaks we’ve gone on is to the Paramount lot for lunch with Mathew Kitchens, and after we snuck onto the new set of the upcoming season finale of Community! Which we are all big nerds about

HappyFunTime Video Production Company

HappyFunTime Film Production Company Los Angeles

HappyFunTime Film Production Company LA California

Basically I’ve loved my time working here, and I have to go back to school and graduate, otherwise I would stick around and completely overstay my welcome. I love the Halula Family, and the kids are just so adorable and fun. I would like to be able to come back and work with them more in the future.

P.S. The way to the heart of HappyFunTime lies with Coffee and Apple Fritters.

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27 Aug 2010

8 HFT videos picked up by Discovery Education.

We learned earlier this week that eight of our educational videos produced for Learning ZoneXpress have been picked up by Discovery Education. They are definitely the “Big Dogs” in providing educational programming to schools around the U.S. This is obviously a huge honor for us.

In the past two years, we’ve won quite a few Telly awards for our work, as well. And our Executive Producers at Learning ZoneXpress have been really good to us, letting us try new crazy ideas in our productions. It’s been a lot of hard work… so it’s nice to get some validation about what we’re doing with our creative energy.

We’ve just signed up to do 6 more videos to finish out 2010. This is going to be a crazy Fall for us… but we’re sure we can bring the HFT magic to each of these videos. It should be fun… Stay tuned…

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25 Mar 2010

HFT films mentioned on FOX and Friends.

Director Dallas Jenkins and actor Stephen Baldwin were both on FOX and Friends this morning, discussing the impact of faith-based films on Hollywood. Both of these guys have strong connections with HFT’s Wes Halula.

Dallas and Stephen both have films coming out in the near future… and HFT’s Wes Halula played a significant role in both movies. Wes did rewrites and touchups for Mr. Jenkins’ release “What if”.  Wes was also the screenwriter for the project “Loving the Bad  Man” starring Mr. Baldwin.

But the connections to these two goes back even farther. Wes also won several awards (including “Best Screenplay” at the Boston International Film Festival) for his screenplay for “Midnight Clear,” directed by Dallas Jenkins, starring Stephen Baldwin and distributed by Lionsgate.

Hopefully both new films do well. And hopefully Wes and HappyFunTime Industries can keep writing and producing quality work.

You can see Dallas and Stephen on FOX and Friends here.

Dallas Jenkins and Stephen Baldwin on FOX and Friends

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08 Mar 2010

HappyFunTime wins 3 Telly Awards!

We just received news that HFT has won 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Telly Awards. (Silver is the highest award, for some reason… strange… but we’ll take it!) The awards are for the 3 videos that make up our “Nutrition Series” we produced for Learning ZoneXpress. HFT’s Wes Halula hosted and/or provided his own brand of “monkey business” for all three videos. Check out clips for each here:

Smart Nutrition: (Silver)

Nutrition Controversies: (Bronze)

Fast Food Nutrition: (Bronze)

(clip coming soon!)

In 2009, HFT won a Silver Telly Award for it’s production of “Character: Friendship Basics,”  another Learning ZoneXpress series.  Our own Wes Halula hosted this video.

Watch a preview of “Character: Friendship Basics:”

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24 Feb 2010

Our portfolio page is looking decent.

As you can see, we’re under serious renovation here. Things are coming along nicely… and we’re managing to stay open for business.

If you’re new here, might we recommend checking out our portfolio page? You’ll find a brief sampling of some of our work.

You can also follow us on facebook and twitter. Because that’s what the kids are doing these days.

And stop back soon to see what we’re up to. It should be a hoot.

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