Director Dallas Jenkins and actor Stephen Baldwin were both on FOX and Friends this morning, discussing the impact of faith-based films on Hollywood. Both of these guys have strong connections with HFT’s Wes Halula.

Dallas and Stephen both have films coming out in the near future… and HFT’s Wes Halula played a significant role in both movies. Wes did rewrites and touchups for Mr. Jenkins’ release “What if”.  Wes was also the screenwriter for the project “Loving the Bad  Man” starring Mr. Baldwin.

But the connections to these two goes back even farther. Wes also won several awards (including “Best Screenplay” at the Boston International Film Festival) for his screenplay for “Midnight Clear,” directed by Dallas Jenkins, starring Stephen Baldwin and distributed by Lionsgate.

Hopefully both new films do well. And hopefully Wes and HappyFunTime Industries can keep writing and producing quality work.

You can see Dallas and Stephen on FOX and Friends here.

Dallas Jenkins and Stephen Baldwin on FOX and Friends

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